Mad Wood Skills

I learn something new every day. A lot of the time that 'something new' is from my hubby.

This week we went to the hardware store. Something we've done a lot since buying this house. But it was the first time that I'd ever been with hubby when he was purchasing lumber.

Did you know that there's a trick to buying wood? If it were just me, and I had a list of what to buy, I would have gone in, piled the wood up on my cart, paid, and left. But it is not that easy. It's a process. As you can imagine, every board is different. Some are crooked and some have knots in funny places. So the trick is to stand each board up at about a 45 degree angle and turn it, as you look down all sides of the board to make sure it's straight and clean. After all of this you should have a pretty pile of wood. And we did. Now I know.

On Friday, a portion of the wood pile became a beautiful 10 foot outdoor dining table. I'd had this crazy idea that if we extended our patio by adding brick 12 feet beyond the currenty patio, it would be big enough for a huge table perfect for summer outdoor dining.

The boards for the table were 10 feet long. When hubby asked me one last time if I was sure I wanted the table that big, I said, definitely!
And then last night, after spending all day Friday thinking I was nuts for wanting such a huge table, he said to me, "This is awesome. Having everyone together at one big table is perfect."
I agree.

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J Manson Squared said...

and you even have a big long tablecloth that covers the whole thing it looks like! Nice work you two! (Can we borrow you some day? We might have a few projects of our own coming up!) :)