Works In Progress

It's July tomorrow. How did that happen?! We're mid-project on a lot of things. Most of them have 'Summer Project' stamped on them because we were waiting for nice Seattle weather finish them.

The unfortunate part of this is that sometimes Seattle forgets it's summer and doesn't warm up until July. The other unfortunate thing is once it's finally nice (not raining), all Seattleites, including us, want to do is soak up the sun in the laziest manner possible. This does not include manual labor outside. This is the conundrum that leaves us mid-project on a lot of things right now. This and the 4 straight weekends of house guests and a 1/2 marathon to run. Details.

As for the house projects, there is hope they'll get finished in July. Until then, I'm going to post our 'Works in Progress' as well as some pics from our 'Weekends-O-Visitors'.
Jeannette in town for birthday shopping and sleepover.
Julie, Jason, Ella, Dad, and The Dog visit for pre-Fathers Day/Birthday weekend.
Sean and Hollis visit from the UK for Birthday weekend. Yes, they crawled in the Troll's nose!
Sara, Ned and Roscoe visit for Rock 'N' Roll Marathon weekend. Sara and I (and many other friends) ran the 1/2!

Mid-project #1: Bricks for patio extension

Mid-Project #2: Hubby ripping off front porch and making it super cool!

Mid-Project #3: House Paint! Colors to be posted soon!