Prime Time

It's rare these days that I get an opportunity to write about sports. I miss it a little bit. So I'm going to dedicate this post to my favorite football fan. The 2009 NFL season has been a big deal for the biggest Viking follower in my life. (I'm not going to predict the outcome of the season like I did for the 2008 Ms run - adios Sexton and Bavasi! - but it's looking good for purple and gold!) It's like the first time in over a decade that the this team has been a contender. Thank you Mr. Favre! I'm not going to lie though, it's really weird to see number 4 in a Vikings uniform.

So even though we take the time to watch hubby's favorite Minnesota team every Sunday - it's still a work weekend! This past Sunday as the Vikes stomped Seattle we sanded, primed, and painted our kitchen cabinets. Maybe it's our own superstition - the Vikings will keep winning if we keep painting. If that's the case - get ready for Miami Favre, we've got enough work to get you through the post season.

Mobile Bloggin'

On the road travelling home to Portland for Thanksgiving. I love wireless internet! I've got at least 3 hours (or 2 hours of battery life) to catch up on the blog.


My Superhero

Yah..I'm posting it! He's my superhero! He kills spiders with a single thump. He tears down walls, rips out counter tops, and tiles like an expert. He draws up remodel plans on bar napkins and wants to do all the 'hard' work himself. I knew when I married him he liked a challenge - but I had no idea. I love my weekend warrior - no matter how silly he looks in his hand made shin guards.

Padding the Attic

The day that all the insulation was removed from the attic the house was freezing! We had already ordered replacement insulation but had to wait until the old knob and tube was replaced to lay it.
The old attic insulation was removed on a Saturday. The following Friday two pallets of insulation were delivered to the house. The next day the wiring guys came to install new wiring (goodbye knob and tube - hello 2009 wiring!). That same night we laid the new insulation. Before all this was completed the furnace would run non-stop. When we woke up on Sunday morning not only was the furnace not running - but the house was actually warm!! Yay for energy efficiency!

Empty Attic

The old attic insulation needed removed and fast. Hubby called the guys from Clean Crawls. They came and they cleaned out the attic including all the wood debris.
You saw the before of the attic when it was full of the old insulation. This is the after, clean of everything except the old knob and tube. (If you look closely you can see them - little white spots in the picture)


Halloween and a Year of Firsts

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. It's a family thing. It started when my sister was born (Halloween 1981 - or was it 1982?)

This year was our first Halloween in our first house. We only got 5 knocks at the door and had loads of leftover candy making me a little sad. I was expecting more kids in costume but what do you do?
Our first trick or treaters were our awesome and very creative neighbors. Little Chloe was dressed as a combo-princess/mermaid.
Hubby thinks all the kids were scared away from the caution tape and crazy pumpkins lining the front porch (and maybe by the fact that our place looks like the 'Old Man Withers' house at the moment).
Our friends think that maybe the kids were scared away by all the old people inside doing jello shots.
But of all the firsts this year the last one is the best. My baby sis (shown below) celebrated her birthday this year as a first-time mommy. I'm not biased or anything - but that's the cutest bumble bee that I've ever seen. FYI - This photo totally stolen from their blog (www.jmansonsquared.blogspot.com) where you can view pictures of the cutest bumble bee EVER!