Halloween and a Year of Firsts

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. It's a family thing. It started when my sister was born (Halloween 1981 - or was it 1982?)

This year was our first Halloween in our first house. We only got 5 knocks at the door and had loads of leftover candy making me a little sad. I was expecting more kids in costume but what do you do?
Our first trick or treaters were our awesome and very creative neighbors. Little Chloe was dressed as a combo-princess/mermaid.
Hubby thinks all the kids were scared away from the caution tape and crazy pumpkins lining the front porch (and maybe by the fact that our place looks like the 'Old Man Withers' house at the moment).
Our friends think that maybe the kids were scared away by all the old people inside doing jello shots.
But of all the firsts this year the last one is the best. My baby sis (shown below) celebrated her birthday this year as a first-time mommy. I'm not biased or anything - but that's the cutest bumble bee that I've ever seen. FYI - This photo totally stolen from their blog (www.jmansonsquared.blogspot.com) where you can view pictures of the cutest bumble bee EVER!

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