My Superhero

Yah..I'm posting it! He's my superhero! He kills spiders with a single thump. He tears down walls, rips out counter tops, and tiles like an expert. He draws up remodel plans on bar napkins and wants to do all the 'hard' work himself. I knew when I married him he liked a challenge - but I had no idea. I love my weekend warrior - no matter how silly he looks in his hand made shin guards.


J Manson Squared said...

LOL....no really, I laughed out loud! That is one hot look and I'm not sure that anyone else could pull it off quite the same. You know your father-in-law will be jealous of those HOT shin-guards right Erin? Whatever it takes to get the job done.

Scott and Teah said...

Where do you think Erin got the material for those shin guards? From his Father in Law! Erin, You made Scott real proud!!