With A Little Help From Our Friends

Since moving into our house our neighbors have commented on more than one occasion what great friends we have. This is probably because we had a 12 person crew on move-in day. A few months later, we had a four person crew help us rip out the 2 tons of juniper that had been invading our yard. Hubby has also had several weekend visits from friends who have helped him demo the basement, rip out cabinets, walls, ceilings, and the kitchen counter top.

It's true we have amazing friends. Still, sometimes I feel guilty when we ask for help on projects, like we did last weekend.

As we're prepping to paint the house, one thing that needed to be ripped out and replaced were the soffits. These are the boards under the eaves of your house that allow ventilation to get in and out of your attic space. Ours were basically rotten and needed replacing. So hubby borrowed some scaffolding, rented a nail gun, bought replacement soffits and solicited friends.

On Saturday morning, beginning at 9am, 5 friends showed up to take care of business. It was 9 hours of hard work in the blazing sun.

The results look great. The old soffit boards came out and the new ones went in. The crew made it look easy. So for all their hard work, we let them shower, relax, have a few drinks, and fed them all a big salmon dinner. It's not nearly enough of a payment for the work they gave to us. But someday, maybe, we'll be able to return the favors.

Until then, we know that we are very, very lucky.

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