The Best of 2010 - Part 2

As promised here is the 2010 (Part 2) wrap up. We left off in September when the house painting was finally finished. Hubby and I escaped Seattle and headed up to the San Juan Islands to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was a very relaxing weekend and a well needed break from house stuff.
We took another quick trip down to Portland to visit family and got some garden inspiration at an awesome Portland Farmers Market.
Thanks to the cold summer in Seattle, this bounty of awesome green tomatoes is from our very own garden. We finally gave up on all hope early October and harvested what we had.
The good news about the green tomato harvest is that it inspired an entire southern meal with friends and family complete with fried chicken, collard greens, southern beans, cornbread, and fried green tomatoes.
With the house paint finished, hubby had time to tackle the rest of the outside projects, including installing a new landing on the front porch.
Before we knew it October was almost over and it was Halloween. Pickles really wasn't psyched about dressing up. It could have been that the costume we borrowed from our neighbor was a few sizes too small....
We doubled our number or trick-or-treaters this year. Some of our favorite kids from Ballard and Mt. Baker even stopped by.
In November it got too cold for outside projects so we moved onto the dining room/living room projects. We touched up the paint all around, added a darker color to the ceiling and installed a picture rail in each room.
Our first snow of the season came the week of Thanksgiving.
Hubby worked pretty quickly to get the rest of the insulation installed in the back entrance - still a work in progress.
And finally, the biggest excitement of the year, the Great Basement Flood of 2010, which prompted us to rip out the last remaining 'bedroom' in the basement.
I hate to end the post on a picture of the empty basement so I'll share the last picture of 2010 - before we took our Christmas tree down. I'm actually hoping that 2011 is a little less busy - and we can keep it all to one post. Cheers and Happy New Year!

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