381 Days

I'm the kind of girl who likes to see the glass as half-full. So when hubby was laid off 12 months ago, I stayed positive. I convinced him and myself that this was an opportunity. An opportunity for him to study for the ARE exams, to work on the house, and to think about what else he might be interested in doing if the economy stayed in the tank.

In between applying for jobs and prepping for tests, he removed rotted soffits, old gutters, windows, basement bedrooms, and a creepy front porch. He installed new soffits, windows, and a cool new front porch. He also took on the task of painting the entire house exterior which was, in total, a 3-month process. I'm pretty sure that before 2010, he'd never done any of these things before. In the past year, he's received help and encouragement from friends, family, and neighbors - as well as countless compliments on all his hard work.

I think it helped that every working day he got up with me*, made coffee and lunch for me and talked about his plan for the day. He made lots of dinners, ran a lot of errands, did a LOT of dishes, and made our house way more awesome every step of the way.

But this is the little stat that I'm the most impressed by:

In 381 days he applied for more than 140 jobs. He only had one interview. On Monday, January 3rd, he starts his new job.

*I let him sleep in this morning because we were up late last night celebrating!

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Teah said...

Congratulations!! That is wonderful news!