In the Midst of a Remodel

When I came home from my trip (aka escaping the bathroom remodel) I sort of thought that the project would be mostly done. I mean, I was gone for like six days.

*For those of you who have gone through an actual bathroom remodel (rip it all out down to studs, alter plumbing layout, and build form scratch), you can imagine how humored hubby was when I said, "There's no toilet yet?"
I'm not sure what I was thinking when I imagined that all of this work could be finished in a weeks time. Without question, I was elated to have the old dingy, smelly pink bathroom gone, but this is what I came home to. Writing this makes me feel like a brat - but we only had one bathroom, there was NO backup. I'm really not that high maintenance!

Fortunately, our saintly neighbors all offered to let us use their facilities when necessary - and one set of neighbors even magically timed a vacation during the second week of the remodel. I honestly don't know what I would have done without their shower (and other) at least once a day for a week. I mean, it really is easier for boys.

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