Final Four

It's official! We're so close to painting that we've actually narrowed it down to 4 colors. It's hard to tell from the picture but here's the final four (clockwise from red):
1. dark 'Smoked Paprika' red/cream trim
2. dark 'Hale Navy' blue/cream trim
3. dark 'Cracked Pepper' gray/cream trim
4. light 'Lost Summit beige-ish/chocolate trim

What do you think?


J Manson Squared said...

Julie votes: cracked pepper with cream trim.
Jason votes: the navy blue with cream trim, but the cracked pepper is a close second.
Can't wait to hear what you choose...we may have something riding on the choice, so choose wisely. :)

Casey said...

Jeff and I vote Hale Navy. Though I also vote "Cracked Pepper" as your DJ name.

raincityremodel said...

i really like the navy...but the house directly across the street was just painted a lighter blue.

i agree my dj name should be cracked pepper! awesome idea

lindsay ellis simons said...

cracked pepper. navy seems colonial. i really adore homes with a traditional dark arts & crafts color scheme:) let Bob and I know if you want a hand!

Themmy and Bert said...

Still love to follow all the work that the two off you spend on your house.
Sometimes I wish I could come over and work on your house instead of ours. Much more fun to do the same job for someone else ( don't no why, but it works that way.
Keep up working on house, blog and daily life and we are totally informed till the day we meet again (soon)

ove the color combination you picked "warm and sophisticated"