In The Gutter

Now that the soffit vents have been replaced and look fresh and new, hubby decided we should also replace the fascia and gutters before we paint the house. I don't know if any of you out there have had your gutters replaced - but we had bids ranging in price from $1300 - $7200. When the higher bid came in I think I might have said something to the affect of, "Are you KIDDING? We can't afford that!? We're gonna have to go gutterless! Is that even a word?"

What ultimately brought the price of the bids down was to negotiate doing the gutter and fascia removal and disposal and install the new fascia ourselves. And you know by now that when I say 'we', what I really mean is hubby and friends.

For this project Matt and Kyle were volunteered by their wives. Which is awesome - because they (the wives) feel like they'll benefit someday from the knowledge their hubbies are learning now, and we feel like we benefit now. It's totally win-win, right?

The craziest part of the whole project happened right after they started removing the gutters. They were working in the back of the house and started to tear off one section...and then Voila! a gutter section half the length of the house came off. This house remodel thing is way easier than it looks!

At the end of the day everything looked great. New fascia has been installed and is ready for us (this time I really mean me) to paint it this weekend. The only thing left of the 'old' is the pile of gutters in the back yard waiting to go to the transfer station. Saving us (if you take into account the high bid) almost $6000!!

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