Pickle Juice

I love pickles. I love pickles so much that I once got a 10 gallon bucket of pickles from my parents as a birthday gift. It took me a summer, but I ate them all myself.

In light of my love for pickles, it's almost shocking that I've never done my own pickling. I think it's probably because for years both my grandmother and great-grandmother kept me very well supplied with their homemade pickles. For probably the first 20 years of my life a jar of pickles was a guaranteed Christmas present.

A few weeks ago I finally made my first batch of pickles. I'm so excited to open them. I think I only have to wait one more week - so I'll post an update of how they came out. I've already given one jar away....I think I'll save at least one jar as a Christmas present for Grandma!

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stacie said...

Kai and I made pickles last night! Yours are much prettier than ours....will you be our official pickle tester?