Yard Art

After hauling away over 2 tons of prickly juniper brush that used to engulf our yard and ripping out the roots by hand, we feel like the worst is almost over. We have a long way to go to make the yard a pretty or even cool place to hang out - but when it's done it will be awesome! We've gotten so much advice from friends and family about what to do next - but our best advice came from our natural neighbors at Seattle Tilth. They gave us great advice about how to regenerate our soil and get the PH all balanced out. (Totally sound like I know what I'm talking about right?) Honestly though, Tilth is amazing and if you're in Seattle and need help growing anything they can help you.
These are the last of the Juniper roots. We felt like we needed some sort of trophy of our labor, so we stacked them all on the front lawn (er dirt patch) and tied a ribbon around our yard art. Our neighbors LOVE us!
After removing thousands of pounds of plant life from the front yard, I felt compelled to plant SOMETHING. So when my friend Stacie said she had a tree that needed to be planted, I was super excited. It took us a while to find a spot in the yard that we thought would make a good home, but we finally settled on a place that felt like good Feng Shui (do those rules apply in the yard?)
Digging in the yard is hard work! But we were able to dig a hole big enough for Stacie to fit in!

Welcome to your new home Juneberry!

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stacie said...

I don't recall signing any photo release....;) Sitting in that hole must be how I got all that dirt in my underpants! Ewww, didn't know that did ya?