The Best Things in Life Are Free

As a newly married couple who bought a house in "the worst economy since....", we haven't made a lot of 'new' purchases since we made the BIG purchase!

This is why craigslist is the best thing ever! So far I've bought (very inexpensive) dining room chairs, a living room chair, a patio table and chairs, and pavers (to lay an extended patio in the backyard). I have also found a free desk and a free BBQ.

As soon as the weather started getting nice all we wanted to do was grill in the backyard! After weeks of stalking craigslist and doing drive-bys (only to be too late) we finally found a BBQ. It's not the prettiest thing - but it was FREE! And after a good scrub-down it cooked up a delicious pork loin!
A couple of weeks ago friends were over and helping us brainstorm about what to do with our yard aka weed garden. The first thing I wanted to do was get rid of the monster hand-made swing set that came with our backyard. At first, I felt sort of bad about hating the swing because someone clearly made it lovingly to share the evening sunshine. One of our friends suggested we post it for free on craigslist. I said, "who would want this ugly thing?" and she said, "well...YOU guys wanted THAT thing (referring to our ugly BBQ). I laughed and realized she had a point. So the very next weekend I posted this picture and 'FREE - U-Haul'. And wouldn't you know...we had three inquiries in less than an hour! The swing set's new owner came to dismantle it and take it away in less than three hours!

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