Frozen Food

I've heard people say, "After you buy a house - when one thing gets fixed another breaks." I can now confirm that this is true.

Our house came sans appliances - so the weekend before we moved in we rushed the annual Albert Lee warehouse sale. We were in the market for everything - and walked away with a washer/dryer and a very shiny, big ol' Jenn Air refrigerator. I never thought I own a fridge as big and shiny as the one we bought - but I embraced it quickly and was very excited to have something new in our very old house.

When the Albert Lee delivery crew came the following weekend - the power cord to our new shiny appliance was crushed and unusable. We promptly scheduled maintenance and the following Friday the repair guy came to rewire. Then...we had power!
It was the morning after we got power that I noticed the water pitcher was frozen. I assumed the power panel just needed to be reset - so I asked my handy dandy hubby to fix it.
This is orange juice. Frozen solid. I've never seen a jar of olives or hummus frozen. I prefer my yogurt slightly colder than room temp - not icy. We thought we'd fixed the problem by resetting the panel multiple times. But after days of frozen beer and condiments - we were right back where we started: "Albert Lee customer service, please".
After repair guy #2, we think the problem is the thermostat. It's being ordered. We'll see him back here on Saturday to see if the fix will thaw out our pickle pops.
Frozen Brussels sprouts.
Frozen Brussels sprout - with wine. Yes!