Welcome 2012

I love the New Year. I especially love the celebrations that surround this time of year because from as far back as I remember, these festivities have always included friends and family.

The last several New Year's celebrations have all included wonderful gatherings, big and small. In 2010 our dear friends Gregg and Elisa were married on December 31st - and celebrated their first wedding anniversary last night. (Happy Anniversary!)

This year I wanted to take advantage of the three day weekend, so I found a little cabin on the Oregon coast so we could get away from house work, animals and....well, just everything. I was so tempted to send an invite out to all our friends and find a cabin that fit everyone that wanted to make it a getaway. But I also felt like it would be nice to have some downtime with my hubby and just escape for a few days.

Since I was little, I've been a visitor of the Oregon coast. Some of my favorite memories are here. As a kid my grandparents would rent a house in Cannon Beach. Cousins, aunts and uncles would all gather for a weekend with the family. We built sandcastles, played cards, and ate lots of food. It's the foundation of great memories.

For our getaway weekend, I rented a little house just south of where I always stayed as a kid. It's a very old little cottage on a secluded stretch of beach. It has the most beautiful fireplace and is so warm and cozy, I sort of want to stay till next year. But tomorrow, the real world awaits us.

It's nice to know that there's a little stretch of world that we can run away to whenever we need it. And next time, we will definitely add our family and friends to the celebration. This place is too peaceful not to share.

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