Picture Rail Perfect

Once we installed the picture rail in the living and dining rooms I had the hardest time finding hooks to hang pictures from. We looked at the hardware store and Rejuvenation Hardware and I spent a lot of time browsing online - but just wasn't finding anything that felt perfect.

So finally I asked hubby to contact his grad school buddy Kim to see what she'd used in her house. Kim shares her Minneapolis home with her boyfriend Kyle and the big yellow dog. They have a beautiful 1920s Tudor - complete with picture rail trim. I love the way they have decorated their home. I wish they had a blog to showcase their decorating/design skills! I did take a few pictures of one of my favorite places in the house. It's the big yellow dog's cubby - complete with squirrel art!!

Kim said her search for the perfect picture rail hooks was exhaustive. She finally found them online at a place called House of Antique Hardware. I ordered the plain tapered picture rail hook in an oil-rubbed bronze finish. Kim described them as the perfect balance of clean but not too modern and they were! And against our walls, the dark finish of the oil-rubbed bronze really looks good.


Kim said...

Hey there! I almost fell out of my chair when I saw Yellow Dog's cubby on your site! So fun. Thanks for the pictures- you made my day. And the picture rail hooks look great in your house- really the whole place is amazing. I love being able to see the fabulous transformation you've done- your blog is lovely.
see you soon (May?),

Erin & Merideth said...

I'm so glad you like it! I'd love to post more pictures of your house. Maybe a photo shoot will be on the schedule in May. Stay tuned for more updates...including new Adam Turman prints!