Shut The Front Door

We're getting so much closer to painting the entire house. I know, I know... you're probably thinking, what's taking so LONG!? It's just that with 1.25 people (hubby =1, me = .25) doing all of the prep work it's a project that's going the distance.

I'm trying to help where I can, it's just hard to find enough time. This past weekend, while hubby was doing paint prep, I decided to tackle the front door. Eventually we want a new door - but this one will have to make it at least a couple more years with a few coats of fresh paint.

So the door came off, the sander and primer came out, and I got to spend a few hours under the back patio in the rain. It was awesome.

The best part of painting in the rain is the humidity. We were scheduled to be on our way to a party at about 7pm on Saturday evening and by 6:45 the first coat of paint wasn't even close to dry. So we did what every handy couple does - we busted out the blow dryers! Thankfully, I have two and it only took us 15 minutes to get the edges dry enough to hang it back up.

After I finished the second and third coats on Sunday, hubby took the ugly old metal screen door off and then our neighbors ooh'd and ahh'd about our fancy new door. Yah! That's my .25 contribution for the week!

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Teah said...

I love the color! It so cheery and welcoming :) Love you guys.