Playing Chicken

I'm not sure how long I've wanted chickens. It's been a while. Hubby thinks I'm outta-my-mind crazy. My friend Whitney says chicken poo smells really, really bad. She strongly suggests I spend some time on a farm cleaning out the coop. I agree - and that's part of the plan.

But first, research.

Hubby may think I'm crazy, but he's been on every research expedition. We've walked through Wallingford.

We cruised the coops at the Home & Garden Show.

I was even able to convince hubby to take me to Rock 'n Doodle Chicken Coop Tour on Whidbey Island! Yah, you betcha!
A side note: I know it's not a chicken - but how cool is this guy?! I wanted to take him home from his farm on Whidbey - but I think I'm pushing my luck.

Next steps: build a coop, thow some chicks in, and start making hubby scrambled eggs every morning! Oh yah, and scoop some chicken poo on somebody's farm. Know of any?


Kristine Olliver Bulson said...

Oh my gosh!! I tend to agree with Erin on this one, you may be a bit crazy! How does the cat(congrats on the kitty, by the way) feel about chickens? Riley's classmate has chickens and they went to visit. Unfortunately, Riley was sick that day so let me know if you get some so we can come visit!! Hope you both are doing well!!

Teah said...

I wonder how the Raccoons and chickens mix? I know several people that raise chickens in their yard, and none of them have ever complained about the "mess", "smell", or "noise". Can't wait to see what you end up doing with this project. Love you, Teah