I heart Pickles

There isn't a better distraction from life than a new pet in the home. While I was travelling, hubby needed a fill-in partner-in-crime, so we went on a hunt for a new roommate. When I found 'Pickles' on the PAWS website, I immediately knew she'd fit in at our house. She's an 8-year old lady that loves lying in the sun and general lallygagging. She has a keen eye for rubber bands and doors open to the outside. She's a very curious thing and talks a lot. Sometimes I think she sounds like a Gremlin.

Hubby and I have grown pretty attached, even though this sassy lady has a habit of waking us from sound sleep at 1am or 2am or 3am. I think that he mostly loves the daily distraction from studying for his architecture exams. As you can see, she really isn't helping much!

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