Cold Nights, Warm Walls

The house is covered in polka-dots on the outside with live wiring on the inside. It's PERFECT for a Halloween haunted house! It may be hard to see, but if you look closely you can see the little white polka-dots that were drilled when the insulation was blown in on Monday. They must have drilled over 10o holes in the siding.

Add the new holes to our already scraped and primed, patchy paint and it's really starting to look like a sad little house. We have promised our neighbors that it will only be an eyesore until next summer when we can paint!
Something we didn't know about blowing in insulation is that it makes a mess!! Especially if you forget to cover new electrical outlet boxes. It was pretty hilarious going around the house and seeing all of the little explosions through the walls. It's only shredded newspapers so it was easy to clean up, but a very odd site to come home to.


Scott and Teah said...

Shop vac to the rescue!!

Let me know if you want a professional colorist to help nail down colors on the house.....I know where to hook you up ;)

Your Mom xxoo

Scott and Teah said...

maybe....just maybe, your neighbors would prefer stripes or plaids....rather than polka dots.....I'm just sayin. :o)

Your Mom