I know I haven't blogged for a while. But it's not because I don't love catching people up - it's just that we've been CRAZY busy! We had visitors for almost 2 straight weeks!This is Roscoe. He visited from Sun Valley, Idaho, with his mom, Sara. He came with me to a soccer game. Unfortunately, Roscoe is the reason why dogs are NOT allowed on the field - he had to relieve himself half way through half time Chuckit!
And this is...Rocky! Our neighborhood, cherry eating, not-so-welcome, Racoon! There are two of them - we think. And they love to crawl up the cherry tree to enjoy the harvest!
Don't mind the oldest looking thermometer of all time. This thing actually recorded the hottest day that Seattle has ever seen. It was 103 degrees here outside and nearly 93 degrees inside. HOT!

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