Juniper Smackdown!

The final juniper takedown happened a couple of weekends ago with four of our most hardworking and seriously loving friends. It took a weed wacker, chainsaw, and six sets of crazy strong muscles to get this job done.

Rob and Stacie pulling out several roots! I don't want to be a juniper basher - but I will never, ever, ever plant this stuff.

You can't tell - but behind this huge bush that the guys dragged up the driveway, there's a 300 cubic foot trailer that we overfilled. After finishing 7 hours of manual labor, everyone showered (in the yard) and then we relaxed, enjoyed some cocktails, and ordered Tutta Bella! These are all the bottles, cans, and junk found in the bushes. Nice.We still have some roots to remove on the boulevard and there's still a weekend worth of cleaning up to do - but we feel so lucky to have such hardworking and devoted friends. We might actually have a yard and maybe even a garden by next spring!

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