No Excuses!

There's no excuse for how long it's been since the last posting. Between being out of town for a wedding in Sonoma, a surgery in Seattle, and another family visit to Portland, we are starting to feel overwhelmed.

I'll give you all a little insight inside my mind (which I may regret sharing) of all the things that need to be worked on.

The short list:
-finish sanding, painting and installing kitchen cupboards
-install new kitchen countertop (tile) and backsplash
-paint bedroom closet
-weed yard
-clean closet built-ins
-hem/shorten last set of living room curtains
-repaint kitchen (find color less like neon pickle juice)
-more yard weeding
-find shelving for basement
-hang bedroom curtains
-hang more pictures
-clean, paint, and hang new picture frame
-more yard weeding, plan out garden space
-plant in new outdoor pots

There's more...but I don't want to overwhelm anyone else. For the visual portion of this post I'll share pictures of what we have accomplished in the last month!

Kitchen before paint.
Kitchen after paint (color looks ok on the blog - but in person it's almost blinding!).

Kitchen cabinets before.

We're not totally finished with the cabinets, but the lower portion of the kitchen is almost complete. The newly painted drawers have been installed and they are now being used to store actual kitchen stuff!! Very exciting.
At some point, I'll create an entire posting about the yard (er, weed garden) but for now I'll showcase the very little progress that has been made so far. This is a pile of weeds removed from a very, very small portion of the backyard. I think this section took me a good 3 hours. At this rate, I'll have the entire yard weeded by 2011. Maybe. This brings me back to that place in my head where I contemplate what to do next, (inside: painting, sanding, cleaning. outside: weeding, planting, weeding, mowing, weeding) Ahh, the JOY of homeownership!