The Best of 2009

I'm tired just thinking of all the things that went into this post. But so much has happened in 2009 - that a few of the highlights are definitely worth mentioning.
We bought a house. A real fixer-upper. It had everything we wanted. Old wires and plumbing, no insulation, a mostly unfinished basement, a bathroom that smelled funny, a kitchen that had no appliances and a broken sink, walls that needed several coats of paint, and a yard that might take us years to 'fix'. At the end of February we called everyone we knew and said, 'We're gonna need a little help'! And ten months later, I can honestly say that we couldn't have done any of this without the help of you all!
Cleaning.Painting.Plumbing.Drilling.Moving.We stopped to enjoy new additions (Max, Abbie, Henry, Sydney, Cooper, and Ella)We killed over 2 tons of Juniper and broke our friends' backs.We gave the kitchen a massive facelift.
We took some quiet time and hung out with family.We cleaned out the attic and added new insulation. (And I got a Super Hero!)
We got a new electrical panel and rewired the house.
We got our very first Christmas tree, hosted a few parties, and made all of our Christmas gifts - because the electricians took all of our money!
I'm pretty sure that 2010 will be as busy as 2009. But we plan on spending as much time as possible with our amazing friends and family that helped us get through this busy year! Cheers, Hugs, and LOVE!!


Gregg said...

Happy New Year! Can't wait to see what the new decade brings for you and your awesome house.

BTW - Max will be on the lookout for a royalty check for that photo.

lindsay said...

i LOVE it! you guys seem to be really enjoying this exciting journey ~ can't wait to someday sit at your table and clink a toast. Happy New Year!